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Let's Fly India… We have taken up a mission aiming at providing dignity and independence to needy people from all walks of life coming together as a community to ignite the hope for a promising future.



Each day warbles celebration in India where everyone gets doused in the varied yet soothing rhythms of unity. Twenty eight states, nine union territories and eight major religions… Instead of rejoicing such a glorious diversity, what results is the uproar of indignation, embarrassment, amusement, pride and wistfulness. In the end they too get amalgamated into the same mixture which upholds our sense of unity in diversity. Our cultural diversities and disparities shouldn’t hamper our growth and progress. At the back of our minds, we already know where we are lagging behind. A ray of hope still scintillates from deepest corners of our mind to have a better tomorrow. Our endeavors for a better tomorrow shall bear fruit for our progeny and our nation shall progress. 

Even after almost 70 years of independence, India is still suffering from basic problems such as Poverty, Population Explosion, Pollution, Illiteracy, Corruption, Inequality, Gender discrimination, Terrorism, Communalism, Lack of Infrastructure, Unemployment, Regionalism, Casteism, Alcoholism, Drugs Abuse, and Violence against Women.

Is this what we except from a developed India?At the back of our minds, we already know where and why we are lagging. All of us are hoping to have a better tomorrow so that our kids do not suffer what we did. However, what are we doing to make our hopes a reality?



Let’s Fly India is an effort to provide dignity, integrity, respect and independence to the people from all walks of life primarily focusing on the crimes, education and rehabilitation. We encourage the populace to come together as a community to rekindle the hope for a promising tomorrow. It is a not-for-profit organization working in India, focusing on social injustice. Among other motives, we emphasize more on empowerment of women and girls from poor and marginalized communities leading to improvement in their lives and livelihoods.



Let’s Fly India collaborates with trusted organization and provides them the support they need. We provide financial assistance to those NGOs who are supporting the education of poor children. Our reach is extended to the individuals too, specifically to victims who are bearing the brunt of acid attacks and rapes. We remain financially involved with a couple of organizations who works intensively on these specific issues.


LFI identifies the necessity of education in one’s life. Education is a powerful catalyst for social transformation. We, thus, stringently work to improve the scenario of child education. 

But this is not a one-day task. A child will go to school only if the family, particularly the mother, is assured of proper health care and is made to feel empowered. And when an elder sibling is relevantly skilled to be employable and begins earning, the journey of empowerment continues.

LFI focuses more on the empowerment of women and girls because they are drastically affected by poverty and discrimination and suffer the misery of abuse. We aim at helping them realize all their rights, entitlements and access and control over resources.

Thus sensing all these chaos and malaises, we at LFI, felt the need to step in and put some effort to bring some changes. 


LFI has planned in such a way that over 1,000 children from different NGOs and 10 individuals across 3 states of India will be benefited by the end of 2019.

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