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About 48 per cent of children in India are suffering from some degree of malnutrition. Poor sanitation impairs the health leading to high rates of malnutrition and productivity losses. Children are affected more than adults as the rampant spread of diseases inhibits children’s ability to absorb nutrients thereby stunting their growth. The absence of an effective public health network in a densely populated country has resulted in an extraordinarily high disease burden.

We at LFI try to provide healthcare facilities to those individuals who do not have adequate money to get treated. We provide assistance to NGOs by helping their sick inhabitants get free treatment. We also cater to the needs of individuals who contact us for help.


On June 26, a Thomson Reuters Foundation survey stated India as the most dangerous country for women. The survey ranked India as more dangerous for women than war-torn Syria and Afghanistan. As shameful as it sounds, rape is the fourth most common crime against women in India. Using a small sample survey, Human Rights Watch projected that more than 7,200 minors are raped each year in India. Most rapes go unreported because the rape victims fear retaliation and humiliation. Out of all the rape trials in India, only one out of four leads to a conviction. Also, in 2016, around 206 acid attack cases were reported in our country. Patriarchal societies such as Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana - with worst sex ratios - account for most number of acid attack victims.

We deeply respect the individuals who have stood strong at the face of quandaries like acid attacks and rapes. Only the strongest of individuals rise up after these conundrums and fight back. We provide any sort of help these fighters seek from us and try to be part of their fight.


A shocking 17.7 million children in India are out of school. Working in hazardous conditions, living on the street, braving hunger, poverty and violence, childhood for them has become an endless struggle to survive. Education is one of our fundamental rights and unfortunately, millions of children do not have access to basic elementary school education also.

We at LFI recognize how crucial and basic the concept of education is when we intend to build a better society. Thus we help all the NGOs who seek any educational help from us. We also attend to the requests of individual beings who come us for help in this matter.


Due to the economic setbacks and social burdens, the standard of livelihood of poor women keeps deteriorating. The women community deserves to enjoy equality and respect. We at LFI recognize this social jeopardy and aim at helping this section of society to flourish.


India has an awfully skewed sex ratio – largely because of sex-selective abortions and preference for a male child. The country sees 112 boys born for every 100 girls, which is against the natural sex ratio of 105 boys for every 100 girls. It said that the adverse sex ratio of females to males has led to 63 million "missing" women in India.

Gender disparities have been prevalent in our society since yore and our country is actively trying to cut its roots. LFI also strives to lend a hand in accelerating the gender equality drive. Women empowerment has always been one of the important items on LFI’s plate.


LFI understands the importance of mental health and awareness. We at LFI do not completely focus in financial and materialistic assistance. We also try to help people in aspects of mental, emotional and physical well-being. We help in developing strength in people to combat any stress and trauma.

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