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Money is not everything

No donation in the form of money. LFI donates things and resources that is needed such as education kit to the disadvantaged school students, medical fee for acid attack and rape victims or anything as per the requirement directly to the heads of NGOs.

Selfless Motives

The funds raised for the betterment of the needy isn't diverted under any circumstances for the expenses of our members' travel needs and other administrative works. 100% of the raised funds are used either for NGOs or  for the deprived individuals.


We at LFI provides minor reports to all the donors who have donated between ₹1000 to ₹10,000 and detailed reports to all those who donate more than ₹10,000. We want to be crystal clear about where every single penny is going. We hold ourselves genuinely responsible and accountable for every donation/ help that we provide with our funds. The effort of everyone who lends a hand in our endeavors counts and leads us to success.

For one and all

LFI extends its help not only to NGOs, but also to individuals who are in dire need. LFI stands tall to uplift the lives of needy people.


LFI publishes a video for every tour that we make to the NGOs and to the needy individuals. This is being done to maintain transparency throughout our organization and we want to be 100 percent honest about the kind of work we do. We laud the NGOs who aim at helping people grow. We respect the bravery of individuals who have fought against  all odds and are willing to strive for betterment.

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